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Our Vision Statement
Our vision is to help victims of crime and tragic circumstances restore and enhance their quality of life while working to prevent further victimization in the community we serve. We pride ourselves on playing an integral role in connecting a caring community.


Our Mission Statement

Sudbury & Area Victim Services provides immediate crisis response, intervention, and prevention services which are responsive to the needs of individuals, families and communities affected by crime and tragic circumstances.

Sudbury & Area Victim Services is a community based non-profit organization providing free and confidential assistance to victims of crime and sudden tragedy.

We are a non-government agency working in partnership with police, fire, EMS and other community agencies. Our partnerships are built around ensuring that victims have access to the most appropriate services.

Together, Sudbury & Area Victim Services staff and crisis responders make up a dedicated team of people committed to assisting the Greater City of Sudbury and its surrounding communities with dignity, respect, excellence, and partnership. 



Project Connect:

Project Connect is a bilingual comprehensive, trauma-informed, survivor-led program that provides youth and adult victims/survivors and persons at risk of human trafficking/sexual exploitation with learning paths to develop skills, knowledge, and confidence that will enable them to effectively increase access to opportunity, and remove barriers to success and achievement. The Anti Human Trafficking Case Manager program will create a healing environment that embraces the principals of safety, trust, choice, and empowerment and will address the presence of trauma and acknowledge the role trauma has played in their life. Through a needs assessment the Case Manager will walk alongside the client and help them connect to long term supports and work to accomplish everyday tasks. Project CONNECT offers an innovative approach to promote healthy lifestyles and life choices. This empowerment program aims to create a community where individuals have access to the opportunities, skills, resources and relationships they need to actualize their potential.  

Project Breakthrough:

A Holistic Arts-Based Program that will advance knowledge and enhance empowerment supports for at-risk populations and youth and adult survivors of human trafficking in Sudbury. The program will provide holistic based programs to at risk populations and survivors of trafficking as a means of prevention and intervention. Utilizing a strengths-based approach, facilitators will empower the group members to identify their strengths through improving self-awareness and understanding/expression of feelings, thoughts, and behaviours. Finally, incorporating mindfulness and arts-based methods will encourage participants to gain self-compassion, empathy, and effective coping strategies.


Project Impact:

Phase II of the Strategic Action Plan for Victims of Human Trafficking will continue to build on the best practice’s framework from  the 2020,  Safer and Vital Communities grant. Phase II: Project Impact will effectively increase the number of emergency personnel trained on trauma-informed approaches as well as work directly with front-line workers/caregivers, and vulnerable groups, including youth to implement awareness, prevention, intervention, and harm reduction strategies. Training activities will positively impact and increase service delivery and support for victims/survivors as well as reinforce partnerships and community collaboration. Through a Project Coordinator best practices and frameworks will be shared with communities that are being impacted by Human Trafficking across Northern Ontario. The coordinator will aid in effectively bringing community partners together throughout multiple cities in Northern Ontario in an effort to duplicate successful strategies and streamline messaging throughout the Northern Region. 

Project Empower (in partnership with Greater Sudbury Police):

Project Empower is a multi agency collaborative approach to helping survivors and potential victims of sexual violence and human trafficking by providing them with the knowledge, tools, and supports they need to avoid being abused or to seek supports when needed. The project will help enhance front line officers’ training to ensure they are able to use victim-centred techniques when dealing with human trafficking victims and conducting investigations. The project will collaborate and deliver human trafficking and sexual violence awareness presentations within elementary schools and high schools.  

To ensure seamless delivery of the above project objectives SAVS will collaboratively be working with community.  Our Northern Anti-Human Trafficking Team will consist of the following: 

• Anti-Human Trafficking/ Public Education Liaison

• Anti-Human Trafficking Case Manager

• Anti-Human Trafficking Youth Case Manager / Outreach Support Worker

• Trauma-based / Life Skills Team

• Indigenous Leads Liaison

• Northern Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative Coordinator



         Building effective partnerships is vital to our work. We are proud of our existing partnerships with local community agencies and related businesses that strengthen the work we do.


         Our partnerships are built around ensuring that victims have access to the most appropriate services.

Our most prominent partnership is with Greater Sudbury Police Services. Police officers are usually the first to arrive at the scene of a crime or tragic event. This partnership ensures that victims have immediate access to our programs and services.

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