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Internet Safety

Here are a few tips that you can use to help increase your safety online:

1. Do not add strangers online.

  • Only add people you have met face to face and have developed a relationship with to your social media accounts. Avoid adding friends of friends that you have never met.

2. Set your privacy settings, and review them regularly.

  • Safety features are added and changed by social media platform providers regularly. Check your settings once a month to make sure you have all the security features activated.

  • Set the audience to "friends only" where ever possible on social media platforms

  • Limit who can find you in searches

  • Change your settings to be notified and asked to approve when someone tags you in a photo

  • Avoid adding games and apps that link to your social media profiles. These extensions typically collect and share your information to other parties.

3. Do not use your full, real name on social media.

  • Use a screen-name or a variation of your name.

4. Keep your location private.

  • Turn-off location/GPS tracking on your internet devices.

  • Do not make posts that tag your location.

5. Keep your password private.

  • Do not share it with anyone.

  • Make sure it is not something that can be easily guessed.

  • Use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols.

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